The Mudhutter returns….



Did you miss us? I doubt it. What I mean was did you miss us on Saturday? If you did we still have a handful of copies of Issue 51 available from the Mudhutter website.
We haul over the coals of the months we missed, a winter of discontent too cold for us to stand out and sell in. We take a nostalgic trip to Blackpool, look at great moments in Wigan’s history, regale the magical tale of Castel di Sangro and ask why are so many rugby fans complete a**eholes.
The Mudhutter is just £2 to procure using legal tender or a mere £1.49 to download to your iPad.

Pick up one of the last few remaining print copies here

Or pick one of the er….infinite number of downloadable copies here (that’s right isn’t it? We don’t run out of PDF’s do we? I dunno, this new fangled technology eh?)

We’ll be back to do one more issue before the season’s out, around about the time of the Brighton game on 18th April. What a bundle of joy that’s going to be!!


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  1. Mint front cover. Is it just me or does twenty years of glory seem about right for a town like Wigan? Was it written in the stars that we would implode, go super nova and turn into a dwarf?

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